Isopod Recipes

You mean people don’t eat these??

I’ve had this fascination with isopods lately.  I’ve even been trying to collect pill bugs. unsuccessfully. So I must have been hungry, but I started thinking about what people would do if/when protein sources become hard to come by. Would the general population be more open to things like bugs? Or crustaceans in the case of the isopod? Don’t we already eat crustaceans though?

Interestingly enough, my parents have friends with a cricket farm, and they sell crickets for human consumption. They have flavors like bbq, hot and spicy, lime-chili, or are chocolate covered.

So now I’m on a quest for isopod recipes. I may just experiment with my own!

To be continued..



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Scientist, Musician, Experimental Cook, Isopod Farmer
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