The Tale of the Really Weird Onion

I was cutting up an onion earlier and remembered a story from years ago that I wanted to share.  A friend was somewhat new to cooking and was trying out a new recipe that called for 1 white onion.  She goes to the store, picks up all the ingredients, comes home, and cooks the dish. Everything seems to go fine, the dish tasted pretty good, although she notices that that was one potent onion! Like don’t-breathe-on-other-people potent. Like seeping-from-your-pores potent. Like everyone-can-smell-you-a-mile-away potent. She also noted that the onion was peculiar in the sense that it was made up of these numerous sections that she had to separate and cut up individually. Everyone had a good laugh once we figured out that it was in fact a whole head of garlic.


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