Giant Isopod Recipes

Until now, my isopod recipes have all been using Armadillidium since that is what was easiest for me to start breeding. I would like to start working with Bathynomus, in particular Giant Isopods. I’m starting to make preparations to acquire a stable colony and set up the space to breed them.

My current isopod tanks (Armadillidium vulgare) have been successful for 8 months. I’ve had some good population growth, despite some mistakes, mishaps, and negligence. I can say that they eat like nobody’s business, but I’m starting to see isopod tastes. I’ll shred some carrots for them and they just swarm like locusts. And yet they can be finicky eaters in some cases. I’ve left green onions until they decompose and the isopods will still not eat them. It’s just so fascinating to me.

I’m excited. Giant isopods and giant isopod recipes coming soon!

About Misterunderestimated

Scientist, Musician, Experimental Cook, Isopod Farmer
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