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Beet Pickled Eggs with Star Anise and Cardamom

Since I’m known in my family for enjoying particularly strange food, my sister, Joy (who now also has a recipe blog – made me Beet Pickled Eggs for my birthday. Now I’ve eaten a lot of things that most … Continue reading

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The Tale of the Really Weird Onion

I was cutting up an onion earlier and remembered a story from years ago that I wanted to share.  A friend was somewhat new to cooking and was trying out a new recipe that called for 1 white onion.  She … Continue reading

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Bloody Mary with Fresh Squeezed Isopod Juice

Since the isopod farming is going so well, I decided to try another isopod recipe: Bloody Mary with Isopod Juice. Now I only recommend this recipe from farm raised isopods. If you use wild caught isopods, make sure they come … Continue reading

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Isopod Recipes

I’ve had this fascination with isopods lately.  I’ve even been trying to collect pill bugs. unsuccessfully. So I must have been hungry, but I started thinking about what people would do if/when protein sources become hard to come by. Would … Continue reading

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Know Any Good Grub Recipes?

I was at the store looking for ingredients. I see these grubs for sale and wonder how you would prepare something like this. Bug salad, larvae casserole, worms and eggs, can these things exist? It would be fun to experiment … Continue reading

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Popped Sorghum Experiment

      I read that you can pop sorghum like you can pop corn. I had some sorghum so I tried. Twice. Both times ending very badly, both involving a burnt glob in a pan, a very smelly apartment, … Continue reading

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