I make two types of food. Edible food and inedible food. Sometimes the ingredient mix is wrong,  sometimes is prepared wrong, sometimes the world is just not ready for such new mix of flavor and texture.

My Spicy Sweet Black Rice Porridge. It was based off of a real recipe, but I didn’t have the right spices, so I just added a bunch of chili powder

I like the challenge of cooking with new ingredients, but sometimes it’s the ingredients themselves that make some cooking inedible.

For example, durian is, at its best, inedible. Durian shakes and cookies, they are so good, but I still categorize durian as inedible because I cannot get that taste out of my mouth afterward.

I once added Essence of Durian to a Malort drink for a friend. It did not smell good. I did not taste it. I think my friend was too drunk to notice.

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