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Fried Peanut Butter Tacos

I do love me some fried peanut butter tacos. Check it out. Ingredients: 2 Tortilla 2 heaping tsp Peanut Butter Splash of Oil Directions: Warm up oil in a pan, add tortilla and flip them around so they get evenly … Continue reading

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Chocolate and Cheese Sandwich

Sometimes I make this for a yummy meal. Its a chocolate and cheese sandwich. Ingredient: Bun, roll, or bread style you like Chocolate Cheese Cook it in toaster oven at 375 degrees until cheese and chocolate melt. Enjoy your chocolate … Continue reading

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Experimental Fried Liver Nuggets

My experimental cooking has gone to new extremes! I made Experimental Fried Liver! ­čÖé┬áI served it with onions. Ingredient: 1 lb beef liver, cut up or sliced style 1 cup flour 3/4 cup milk 1 onion (or 2 if you … Continue reading

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Beet Pickled Eggs with Star Anise and Cardamom

Since I’m known in my family for enjoying particularly strange food, my sister, Joy (who now also has a recipe blog – http://joyiscooking.wordpress.com/) made me Beet Pickled Eggs for my birthday. Now I’ve eaten a lot of things that most … Continue reading

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The Tale of the Really Weird Onion

I was cutting up an onion earlier and remembered a story from years ago that I wanted to share.┬á A friend was somewhat new to cooking and was trying out a new recipe that called for 1 white onion.┬á She … Continue reading

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Extreme Death-By-Blueberries Blueberry Pancakes

Do you like purple pancakes? Good, because that’s what I made. I had bought a big bag of frozen blueberries and have been dying to use them in something. That chance came today with my Extreme Death-by-Blueberries Blueberry Pancakes recipe. … Continue reading

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Isopod Recipes

I’ve had this fascination with isopods lately.┬á I’ve even been trying to collect pill bugs. unsuccessfully. So I must have been hungry, but I started thinking about what people would do if/when protein sources become hard to come by. Would … Continue reading

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Poor Man’s Tekka Don

One of my favorite quick Japanese restaurant foods is tekka don. It’s such a simple but delicious dish. I was craving it, and tried to recreate it at home, kind of.. Poor Man’s Tekka Don 1 cup of sushi rice … Continue reading

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Popped Sorghum Experiment

      I read that you can pop sorghum like you can pop corn. I had some sorghum so I tried. Twice. Both times ending very badly, both involving a burnt glob in a pan, a very smelly apartment, … Continue reading

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Fried Peach Tacos

It was a late evening, and I was craving something sweet. I had a jar of peach filling and corn tortillas. So I did what anyone would do and I made fried peach tacos. Fried Peach Tacos: Corn tortilla Peach … Continue reading

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