Pickled Ginger (and Ginger Kombucha)

Pickled Ginger and Ginger Kombucha

Pickled Ginger

Ginger is so good for you, and it’s really easy to pickle it at home. I like eating it with chopsticks straight out of the jar until my face burns.


  • Ginger, peeled and shredded with a peeler
  • Vinegar
  • Sugar


  • Shred the ginger and put into a jar.
  • add vinegar to the top of the ginger
  • add a few tsp sugar
  • put lid on jar and swirl until the sugar is evenly mixed
  • place in refrigerator and is ready within days

It won’t look too much like the ginger, or “gari”, you get at sushi restaurants, because most gari has a coloring to make it more of the pinkish color.

Ginger Kombucha

While I’m at it, I like to squeeze some shredded ginger into kombucha. Do not shake to mix the ginger in. Lightly swirl with chopstick or swirling stick so that kombucha sediment is not disturbed. I wasn’t too keen on kombucha until I made ginger kombucha. Now I’m a ginger kombucha fiend!


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1 Response to Pickled Ginger (and Ginger Kombucha)

  1. Earthmama says:

    Even better, make kombucha vinegar and use it to make your pickled ginger! YUM!

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